431 Inside the Atelier

  • Volume One :: MOVEMENT

    We always return to the essentials in our lives. Like our breath, they are the pulse and tempo we move to. Particularly at this moment, as we strive to sustain strength, balance, and spirit during shelter in place, we dedicate the first issue of 431 to movement in all its forms.
    Equipoise: Yuan Yuan Tan 
    Poetry in Motion: The Spring Summer 2020 Collection
    Journey of the Senses: A Calligraphy Primer
    Ink: A New Fragrance 
    Peach Blossom Spring - Wang Wei 
  • 431 Jackson Street

    I honestly never planned on having a boutique. But I began to envision a space where I could not only offer a retail experience, but also showcase the design process—a place for creating, a place to inspire myself and, in turn, others.