Dance of the Senses: A Celebration of New Beginnings

five lit candles with Adji Cissoko passing by in the background



An evening to celebrate the debut of our new boutique, Maison Lan Jaenicke, and new line, ShanFeng, honored purity of expression: a performance commingling ethereal white space, white garments, a single cello, and dancers in bare faces and feet.





The performance emerged from an organic collaboration between Lan, cellist Andrés Vera of Quartet San Francisco; dancers Adji Cissoko and Tatum Quinoñéz of Alonzo King Lines Ballet; and guest of honor, San Francisco Ballet principal dancer, Yuan Yuan Tan. Their artistry naturally interweaving--the music, movement of bodies, the fragrance of incense, and the light of candles--activated senses and space. 





Clothing breathing as the dancers brought ShanFeng to life, a pirouette revealed the bell-like form of a skirt, an arm extension the drape of a sleeve, a leap the ripple of a ribbon. Each movement revealed variations in the forms and shapes of ShanFeng. The legato lines of the music, and an improvisational piece accompanying the walk of Yuan Yan Tan, wove a musical sutra threading all together. 





In Lan’s words, “The world is comprised of circulating elements, which also constitute our beings. There is no separation between ourselves and our environment‑Nature’s energy is our energy—it flows from one source to another, never ceasing.”




Mirroring a rotation of the moon, the first and last looks of the performance were the white silk dress Lune, worn by Adji Cissoko and Yuan Yuan Tan.



Our guest of honor, Yuan Yuan Tan, enters the room 


Like a graceful, encircling orbit, all came full circle.  



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