Care Instructions

Lan Jaenicke works solely with one hundred percent pure woven cashmere, which is a wonder-fabric. When pure, one can fully benefit from cashmere’s inherent qualities. Aside from its known virtues of softness and warmth, it’s also an extremely durable and care-free material. Cashmere is a lightweight, intelligent fabric, which adapts to one’s body & the climate. It’s naturally antimicrobial, and extremely resilient, resisting wrinkles and the absorption of dirt, oils and odors. Such traits make these garments ideal for a life on the move.
Breathable Fabrics let it breath simply hang up in a space with good air-flow.
Steaming Clothes Steam is the best way to refresh your cashmere Many wrinkles will disappear as the material relaxes. hanging up a garment in the bathroom after taking a shower is a trick to gently steam out more stubborn creases.