A Mother's Day Recentering


Strength. Empathy. Perseverance. These qualities emanate from the women and mothers who inspire us, particularly in moments of challenge.  In the midst of managing creative entrepreneurship, family, health, and all that is demanded on a daily basis, I think we often find there's only a moment to gather oneself. Here, mothers we admire share simple ways to recenter and renew in five precious minutesways of immersing in daily joys and reconnecting to our mind, body, and spirit. 


With great love, gratitude, and respect for all the women who guide us,


portrait of Bess Friday


“The best thing for a quick boost to my psyche is just stepping outside and spending a few minutes in the garden. During Covid we gave our yard a pretty major overhaul and we’ve successfully nurtured avocado, plum, apple, fig, peach, lemon, lime, and olive trees along with strawberry, blueberries, tomatoes, and artichokes. A few minutes of checking on all these babies and a heathy dose of Vitamin D always clears my head and perks up my mood.”
– Bess Friday, photographer


portrait of Marie McCarthy


“My superpower is getting at least eight hours of sleep a night. But if I have five minutes to reset, I take a few deep breaths with my eyes closed, open them, and look at something that brings me complete happiness. For me, it's a picture of my little one. But anything works—sparkly rocks on the beaches of Greece, your favorite piece of art...”
- Marie McCarthy, jewelry designer and founder of Fiat Lux

portrait of Tracy Simmons

“I have found that a hug can do magic even on the hardest of days, especially from my two littlest loves. Or a call with a close friend never ever fails.”
- Tracy Simmons, founder of Tracy Simmons Design


portrait of Aubrie Pick


“I wash and moisturize my face with the fancy stuff that smells good, and let the steamy water and essential oils work out some of the kinks.”
- Aubrie Pick, photographer and founder of The Good Studios  



Designer Lan Jaenicke seated reading a book


"Lighting incense is such a beautiful and re-centering practice for me. Whether at home or at the atelier, I will take a moment to sit and draw on the spiritual energy it gives me through silence, fragrance, and the sensuality of the material itself."
- Lan