A New Spectrum


When I begin designing, it is the tactile sense - the texture of a material, how it drapes - that demands my full attention. Achieving the right fit, the right cut, is paramount. In a sense, I’m working in black and white, in the sculptural world, the world of form and proportion.

But once shape and tailoring have been defined, then comes the exciting moment of adding color. It is color that gives the pieces their full expression, allows them to vibrate on different planes.

Choosing colors is when I can have fun. As if now that the architecture and construction have been completed, I get to paint the different rooms of the house.


Most of our signature coats come in a range of hues and I’m always struck by how the various colors make them entirely different pieces. A Mitchley or a Stamford become three distinct coats when in Blush, in Plaid, in Navy. An earthy tone - a Chocolate or an Olive - seems to make a coat even cozier, while more etherial colors - Winter White or Aluminum - somehow make the same cashmere material float  and radiate just slightly more…

And of course there’s black - just as Henri Matisse considered this deepest of tones a color, so do I treasure its inimitable power and elegance.

Collecting the various colors enhances your wardrobe in a very satisfying way - each color speaking to you depending on your mood.


But the news for this journal is that I’ve been working with our cashmere mill, personally developing distinct dye-lots for our collection. I have the great pleasure of introducing this new spectrum here.



Como Blue - inspired by my trip to Italy this summer and the luminous, soulful, indescribable azure of that beautiful lake.



Lotus - a soft, rich pink tone capturing the radiance of this flower, a symbol of transcendence. Uplifting and also balancing.



Olive Green - deep, rich, extremely versatile, this earth tone is exquisitely neutral and pairs beautifully with practically anything.



Taupe - I love the elegance of taupe. Paired with black, it makes for a stunning combination. And the sheen of the liner and gold piping of this Sloane coat are particularly striking.



Tobacco - the cured-gold color of the tobacco leaf. Hard to imagine a warmer, softer, more attractive color with which to envelop yourself. Luscious, practically redolent of the sweet leaf.



Winter White - extremely glamorous, this creamy white lends itself especially well to the ultra-luxe texture of double-faced cashmere.


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