All Around Us

Like spring blossoms bursting forth in shades of fuchsia and rose, we are starting to come into bloom. We are leaning into this sentiment with caution and care. Some of the crushing precarity we’ve been living with seems to be lifting, which is stirring in us a myriad of emotions. Amidst all these feelings, we are nourishing our hope.

Spring is always an unpredictable time. Some days continue to stay in winter's grip, while others overflow with promise—not just of budding trees and warmer air, but of summer. This is the time when contrasts fuel our gratitude: Cold makes us appreciate the warmth. Rain makes us celebrate the sunshine. And, after this past year, the need to stay put makes us relish in the ability to cautiously begin to live out in the open again.

As we start to re-emerge into the world, we are leaning into small pleasures: Long trips to the farmers' market. Gorgeous spring blooms. Fresh pasta dinners. Palettes that brighten our complexions. Each of these pastimes and thoughtfully created items below echo our excitement for what’s anew. They’re small reminders that no matter how long or dark the days, beauty and light is still always around us.


A moment of reflection: This bespoke blouse that Lan wears, which she crafted from her mother's vintage silk, evokes a sense of optimism. A swipe of bright natural pigment from Westman Atelier Lip Suede and a mist of Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence brighten the complexion and lift the senses.  

To the market and park and back: The Everything Bag, handmade of cotton canvas, makes toting the day a little easier. The extra-wide lambskin strap gently graces the shoulder, lending an ease to carrying even a hefty load.

A sanctuary at home. This year has inspired us to further lean into our spaces, to make them feel celebratory and to breathe fresh life into them. Our Hand Painted Silk Organza Pillow Cover brings nature indoors, as does our Antique Willow Vase when it holds spring’s bright blooms.

Few pastimes instill in us such gratitude and love like making dinner at home with loved ones—especially if its pasta with lots of olive oil à la Old World Italian by Mimi Thorrison.