All That Is Revealed

 “When you have the best and tastiest ingredients, you can cook very simply and the food will be extraordinary—because it tastes like what it is.” —Alice Waters


These words, written by the revered chef and author Alice Waters, speak of a larger truth: When we bring pure, high-quality things into our lives, we experience the unparalleled pleasures of simplicity.

Waters, of course, has years of experience on her side. Through her legendary restaurant and cookbooks, she has won the hearts of countless people with her dishes made with clean, whole ingredients. Yet there is also research that supports this idea of quality and simplicity. Experts have linked greater well-being to a more minimalistic way of living. In short, a life free of modern additives offers room for more beauty and peace—and for our true authenticity to be revealed. 

At Lan Jaenicke, we create in this light. Similar to how fresh ingredients require little embellishment, a quality garment needs only to consist of pure elements. “When you have a beautiful raw material you can leave it very simple and it speaks for itself,” says Lan, who believes it is a designer’s job to create with integrity. In the Atelier, we make pieces that are pure in fabric and transcendent in form. A Lan Jaenicke piece will never be trendy. Rather, it will remain steadfast and classic, and it will amplify you on your journey.

It will also always be flattering. We attend only to the essentials in our process: the weight of the natural fabric, the way it hangs on the body, the finishing drape. There is nothing synthetic or chemical involved. “The sheen, the color, the material—it’s all very natural,” says Lan. “When you wear this piece, it’s about how it makes you feel. You don’t feel burdened by it. You don’t think about whether you’re off-trend or on-trend. It keeps you warm, it looks chic, it’s essential—and it’s an extension of you.”

This all sheds light on one of life’s greatest delights: seeing ourselves fully expressed. When we live in authenticity, we move through the world with radiant confidence and an appetite for only the essential and beautiful. This is not always easy in a world riddled with noise. However, when we pause to consider all that we let into our lives, from materials to ingredients to energy, we embolden ourselves to make decisions that are integral to who we are.

Like Waters’ approach to wholesome food, when we seek high-quality things that make us feel good, the result is extraordinary. This allows our authenticity to shine—and that brings immense joy.