An Experience of the Ultra Luxe


Above all other fabrics, cashmere has been the defining material for my collections. I just began working with a double-faced weaving technique that has two "right" sides, two faces. This allows both sides of the fabric, rather than just one, to be equally soft and plush. I found the idea of taking luxury into the realm of ultra-luxe very seductive. 

Like shaving more truffles over pasta, or taking a larger spoon of caviar, there are cases in which simply increasing quantity can push an experience to one of extreme indulgence.

Where cashmere is superlative for its softness and the beauty of its drape, the double-facing carries these qualities a step beyond. The material's elegance is also enhanced as it maintains shape and fluidity more so than with the single-weave, enrobing you in cashmere in the most completely sensual way. 

I’m always seeking purity in my designs, and the double-facing allows for a garment without linings. Instead of a swath of a different material along the interior, these creations feature cashmere within, cashmere without - a true, unmitigated experience.

As with my other designs, these forays into the ultra-luxe compliment and elevate whatever you decide to pair it with. The rich purity of the material sets a stage of the utmost elegance. Entirely handmade by a single craftsman, these pieces are made to be treasured.

Swaddling yourself in this material is a singular tactile experience, a treat for the touch. So much so, that I find myself ready to welcome the upcoming winter months with a full embrace.