Autumn Adornment


 Image of Lan Jaenicke store with mirror, hearth, and settee


As we step into these first weeks of fall, the Maison and Atelier are ornamented with accessories. Autumn is the season of layers: of the earthy scent of vineyards imbuing a landscape of pigmented trees, of October sun easing into fog and then into evening cool. This means a wardrobe that is elegantly layered and adaptable as well, and we capture the essence of the season by adorning ourselves:  To foundations of cashmere, wool, and silk, we add the perfect shoes, scarves, bags, and fragrance, embracing the textural aesthetic of autumn.

Next week, we’re excited to be unveiling our 2023 Fall Collection, highlighted by luscious new double-face cashmere coats, poetic new tops in wool gauze, and the perfect black turtleneck. This week, we're delighted to share the many ways you can envision the finishing touches. 


To Ground

To ground our stance, we love Repetto Paris. The Tara Mary Jane in Nude (rose gold) and the The Baya in Bulle (light gold) add subtle radiance when paired with our cashmere hues of Tobacco and Camel. The new Repetto Timy may also just be the most perfect nude heel we’ve seen: in subtle hues of blush, the Timy layers patent and matte to pair effortlessly with anything. The slender platform and solid heel also make them wearable and comfortable, our go-to heel for this season of entertaining.


The new Repetto Timy (left and lower right), worn with the Painter’s Jacket in Clay and Typewriter Unisex Pants in Black. The Baya in Bulle (­­­­light gold), the Tara Mary Jane in Nude (rose gold).



Each season, Repetto reinvents the ankle boot, and this year, one of its vintage models, the Melissa Boot is styled in Deep Wine and Sand Beige—the quintessential fall palette. We love the soft suede Melo Boot in Deep Forest Green, which channels a walk in the English countryside (or Napa).

And classic Repetto ballerina flats in Bulle light gold, matte black, and black patent are always the pairing for trousers or skirts.


 The Lilouh Ballerina in Bulle (light gold), and the Melissa Boot in Deep Wine and Sand Beige.

To Wrap

Like an enveloping little cloud, our Tissue Weight 100% cashmere scarves are a perennial layering favorite, in hues of camel, black, gray, and black and white plaid. Find them in store, along with our cozy little cashmere caps.


 The Tissue Weight cashmere scarf in camel.  


To Hold

For holding the season’s abundance from our favorite farmer’s markets, wineries, and florists, we love the rustic chic of the Maison N.H Paris Valentina bag in Brown Sugar (Sucre Brun). For pairing effortlessly with any look, the Repetto Poids Plume bag in Carnation Nude (Oeillet) or Noir (Black) is perfect for day to night.


Poids Plume bag in Noir (Black) and the Maison N.H Paris Valentina bag in Brown Sugar.


To Fragrance

To bring the warm, arboreal air of the season into home, is there anything more lovely than a fragrant, luminous candle? Our signature House Candle, hand-poured of coconut oil, has sensual, woody undertones (the liquified coconut oil also doubles as a fragrance and smooths the skin). One of our favorite collections, Flamingo Estate, crafts a sublime collection of hand-poured lights – Their Adriatic Muscatel Sage is a wonderful candle for the ritual burning of sage to clear energy for the season; and Olive Tree scents space with herbal traces of minerality and pepper. Flamingo Estate candles are also hand-made in California of 100% vegetable wax in fully-recyclable glass.


The Flamingo Estate Adriatic Muscatel Sage and  Olive Tree candles; The Lan Jaenicke signature House Candle.