Candle Glow

Essential Magic



I light candles the way people turn on lights upon entering a room. When I arrive at the atelier, or when returning home, among the first things I do is to strike a match and set candles aglow.


This act adds life to the room, diffusing light and fragrance. While we're all grateful for electricity and lightbulbs, there is nothing like the animated glow of candlelight for both the quality of light and for its movement. The warm incandescence of a flame renders people, objects, spaces, more beautiful than lighting from any lamp. A candle singlehandedly adds romance.

Now in winter, the warm light of a candles is particularly welcome, as the golden light somehow makes us feel cozier, protected. And a set of flickering candles makes a dinner table a stage, the meal an event.



I feel most fully at home in an interior among the magical trio of music, flowers, and candles. With those three present, I could be completely alone, yet feel that the room is full of life.


While I adore the range of scented candles available today, and how they can transport you via scent, the candle that I always return to is my house candle. I developed the fragrance for its deep, earthy, grounding qualities that simultaneously elevate.

The sensual, exotic scent of patchouli is balanced by the warm glow of tobacco leaf. And both leaves are permeated by wafting wood smoke - smoldering cedar and chaparral - for a sexy, fire-side mood.

The LJ House Candle is hand-poured in Santa Monica using pure coconut oil. Burning coconut oil creates a non-toxic environment. The other advantage is that as the candle melts, the warm liquid coconut oil can be applied to the body as both a moisturizer and as a fragrance.



I'm always struck by how deeply we can set our own moods with just a few simple props. Don't these small tools of daily magic make life so much more?


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