Explorations of Time

The Lan Jaenicke home collection is an extension of the philosophy behind my clothing line. I've always sought to create pieces that become part of your life - supporting players in your experiences and memories. I'm interested in how an object can accentuate the essence of who we are. For this, the object must be timeless, pure, essential and adored. It must also have the craftsmanship and durability that allow for daily use over long stretches of our lives. A well-used, well-worn object develops a character onto itself. Patinas are made by time. 

Our experience of time is so personal - whether it speeds up or suspends occurs entirely in our own minds. With furniture and objects for the home, the interplay of timeless pieces and fleeting experiences is at the core.



The history recorded in an old, soulful table is reactivated as our own stories flutter around and over it. A lasting object of beauty - a cloudy, antique mirror, a time-crackled vase, a sculpture - remind us how fleeting we are, as we are but the current handlers of these objects, passing in and out of lives. The presence of such timeless objects makes us aware that we are adding our own story to an existing history.

In contrast, the ephemeral beauty of blossoming flowers, smoldering incense, music, all grace our environments with sensorial enhancements, which in turn enhance our existence. The moving angle of sunlight as we sip tea, the breeze moving a curtain - these are dynamic forces that instruct us to pay attention, to learn how to live. They are agents that enable us to transcend to a certain state of mind. 



Our environments influence our personal state - our relationship with our surroundings, our physical behavior in a setting, acts upon our minds. Much like how clothing changes our movements and reflects our moods, so do the objects around us manifest and define who we are. Editing our space, curating the objects within it, surrounding ourselves with elements that inspire, has a visceral effect on our physical, mental, and emotional selves.

We seek comfort in our environments, softness in our daily experience. Time smooths away sharp edges - "Dripping water can shape stone." Objects that have been softened by time, by use, resonate in their space and somehow impart a sense of belonging, that extends to ourselves. An awareness and sensitivity of the power of our environments can generate new ways of thinking, of perceiving. The serenity of our intimate spaces permeates our entire beings.

Yet we also want a textured, layered existence, adventure. We can experience something akin to travel by introducing a foreign object into our domestic realm, or even by simply rearranging existing rooms. Sitting on the floor at a low table, for example, changes your perspective literally and figuratively.



As with Lan Jaenicke tailoring, the home collection shares a principle of zero-waste design. The collection is comprised of antiques or new objects created with reclaimed materials - wood from century-old doors or beams. This implicates some reimagining. As we did with our scarf series - materials are reconsidered and presented anew. The home collection also revels in contrasts, like outfitting a rustic bench made from repurposed wood with a luxurious cashmere cushion, affixed with cotton ribbon.

Ultimately I hope the home collection, like the clothing collection, encourages more of those moments where time slows and we feel the creation of a memory created as we're experiencing it.