Intentionality and Beauty

with Tracy Simmons

To experience a space designed by Tracy Simmons is to feel inherently there. Present. Grounded. Fully aware.

This is evident in The House by Tracy Simmons. In the interior designer’s eponymous boutique and gallery in San Francisco’s Presidio Heights neighborhood, the mood is calm. Natural light pours through the massive windows. A limestone fireplace anchors the space. Textured wool pillows in sand and cream take residence next to buttery ceramics. A grand wood table hosts a worldly mix of art and books. Everything is considered, even the spaces between. “I believe calm is a palette that’s clear and simple, but beautiful,” Simmons tells us.

With a penchant for honoring people’s proclivities, Simmons seamlessly marries beauty and intention in her work. Her process begins with questions: How do people want to live in their space? How do they want to feel in their home? “The why behind the design is so much more important to me,” says Simmons. That consideration results in interiors that blur the lines between aesthetic and function—where everything comes together to amplify the lives of those who live there.

It is no wonder why we’re drawn to Simmons. Her approach echoes our belief at Lan Jaenicke, where the things in our lives—from our homes to our clothing to our keepsakes—should offer a means to enhance who we are. In a dream world, Simmons would design many more corners of this world. But we’ll settle for reality, where she offered us some insights into her creative process.


A Conversation with Tracy Simmons


Was there a moment or place that first sparked your interest in interior design?

I have always looked to where I’m from: San Francisco, I believe that honoring history, place, and architecture is the starting point of all good design. And with interior design, I can do just that. In fact, I wouldn’t have learned to design the way I do in any other city.

What elements feed your design direction?

Before I design a home, I always start with where the home is, the history of the home, the history of the region, and I move forward from there. I am very place centric, for myself—always looking to how I was raised, where I am from.

Over this past year, many people seem to be leaning into their personal spaces more. What are your thoughts on this?

Now more than ever our homes need to work for us and fit our lifestyles. Many of my clients are families and so it’s very important that their home fits their needs. I always start designing the space after figuring out how the family uses their home, and then design based on that.


We’re honored that the LJ Home collection is currently showcased at The House. What about the collection resonates with you?

Lan’s pieces are effortless and beautifully tailored. The quality is outstanding, and the pieces are easy to wear, no matter the weather. I also love Lan’s zero waste business model. Similar to Lan, we honor the material choice and material, and that comes from a humble place. We value sustainability in our design and our design choices. And it’s very clear that she does, too.

Above left: Tracy Simmons walks through The House wearing the Lan Jaenicke Cashmere Petal Skirt. “I love the deep moody, striking shade of pink,” she says of the piece. Above right: Simmons looks over the LJ House Collection. 

Main story image: Simmons wears the Lan Jaenicke Cashmere House DressPhotos by Bess Friday.