Series 21: Anatomy of a Blouse


A kiss, a crossing, a mathematical unknown. An abstract symbol with great depth, the X has always resonated with me. There’s something very magnetic about it--It has the property of yin and yang, the unification of opposites. We channeled that dynamism into the X Blouse, a garment in which femininity and strength intersect. It crosses and swaddles the body, but still allows for openness and movement. By adjusting how the two panels are crossed and tied, the X can fall higher up on the body, just below the neck, or lower, revealing more décolleté.



To create the two versions of the X—the Mist in a pale blue, lightweight wool and the Crème in pure, undyed twill in silk & wool blend —the atelier worked with the entire width of each fabric to create a no-waste garment (both pieces are also size-free). The Mist X Blouse is designed to feature the selvedge, enhancing the organic naturalness through a double layering of the material's edge. It fastens below with hand-constructed silk crepe ribbon. The Crème is finished with a refined hem and is tied with Japanese pure silk grosgrain ribbon. The layering of these diaphanous fabrics also lends the X Blouse transparency and depth.

The X is a versatile piece, and easily paired to create a range of looks. For example, wear it with the Charmeuse Petal Wrap Skirt, or with the new Typewriter Pant for contrast--a more feminine blouse with a unisex trouser. The X is also incorporated into the new low-waisted Wrap Dresses. Where most wrap dresses tie at the waist, the way this top hits on the hip gives this piece a more relaxed elegance.



In nature and in architecture, the X is an important structure, a critical form of support, strength, and steadiness.  

Handmade in our San Francisco atelier, the X Blouse is made to order.  Here is a custom version of the light weight wool X Blouse in ivory.