A person with long hair tied back is wearing a sleeveless, handmade Vest Dress | Aubergine with a black belt. They stand against a plain white wall, looking down slightly with one hand resting on their hip. The floor is wooden.
A woman stands in a minimalist room with a white-washed wall. She wears a sleeveless, deep purple Vest Dress | Aubergine with a black belt tied at the waist. Her hair is pulled back and she gazes directly at the camera. The floor is light wood.
A person with dark hair tied back in a low bun is standing in profile against a plain, textured white wall. They are wearing a sleeveless Vest Dress | Aubergine made of luxurious Dupioni silk with a black belt and are barefoot on a wooden floor.
A woman with dark hair tied in a low bun is standing with her back facing the camera. She is wearing a sleeveless, knee-length Vest Dress | Aubergine made of handmade Dupioni silk and cinched with a black belt. The background features a smooth white wall and a wooden floor.

Vest Dress | Aubergine

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The Vest Dress in Dupioni silk exemplifies and easy elegance - its loose shape incorporates perfect design proportions, defined by a black silk belt sheathed behind. In a luminous aubergine.

  • 100% Dupioni silk 
  • black grosgrain belt
  • zero-waste design
  • size-free
  • handmade in our San Francisco atelier

This item is made to order. It will be shipped within 4 - 6 weeks from the order date. Contact us if you need the item by a specific date.