A woman with long reddish-brown hair stands in a room adorned with dressmaker's mannequins. She wears a Custom Bustier | Japanese Wool Gauze Gold and a black skirt. The room features dark and light curtains, mirrors, and Japanese wool gauze fabrics, all handmade in-house, creating an elegant atmosphere.
A person with long, wavy hair stands with their back to the camera, showcasing a Custom Bustier | Japanese Wool Gauze Gold with buttons down the back and loose-fitting black pants. The top appears handmade in-house. The background features light-colored curtains.
A person with long red hair wearing a Custom Bustier | Japanese Wool Gauze Gold, handmade in-house with Japanese wool gauze, paired with a matching top and black pants. The bustier features a frayed edge and button detailing. The background includes a cream curtain and dark wall.

Custom Bustier | Japanese Wool Gauze Gold

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This item is custom made, it will take 4 weeks to complete.  Contact us  to schedule a fitting appointment.

This sexy piece exudes old world glamour. Our modernized version of a bustier in Japanese wool gauze and brass buttons is highly versatile, adding dramatic femininity to whatever it's paired with. Custom fitted, this is a necessary luxury that will enhance your wardrobe in unexpected, scintillating ways. 

  • 100% Japanese wool gauze
  • 100% silk charmeuse lining
  • Solid brass buttons
  • Custom size
  • Handmade in-house at Atelier Lan Jaenicke, San Francisco 

Styled with Dress Coat | Japanese Wool Gauze Gold