Person wearing a stylish, cream-colored Doubleface Cashmere X-Cape over a black outfit with a black wide-brimmed hat covering their face. The background features neutral, draped curtains.
A person with blue eyes is partially hidden under a large black hood and a Doubleface Cashmere X-Cape, that covers their neck and lower face. The handmade in-house accessory offers multiple ways of styling. The background is out of focus.
A person stands with their back to the camera, wearing a black hat and an off-white Doubleface Cashmere X-Cape crafted from 100% double-faced woven cashmere, paired with black pants. The beige curtain backdrop highlights the fashion-forward and minimalist design, showcasing multiple ways of styling the luxurious piece.
A woman stands against a neutral-colored backdrop. She is wearing a black, wide-brimmed hat that partially obscures her face, a strapless black top, loose black pants, and a Doubleface Cashmere X-Cape draped over her shoulders. Her hands are in her pockets.
A person wearing a black wide-brimmed hat and a stylish off-white cape stands against a backdrop of beige curtains. The Doubleface Cashmere X-Cape drapes elegantly over their shoulders, handmade in-house for quality, offering multiple ways of styling as they gaze downward.
A person stands in a side profile wearing a Doubleface Cashmere X-Cape over a black outfit, with one hand in their pocket and the other arm hanging by their side. Their face is obscured by a black wide-brimmed hat. The background is softly blurred beige fabric.
A person stands facing away, wearing a Doubleface Cashmere X-Cape made from 100% double-faced woven cashmere that drapes down their sides, over a black outfit. They are also wearing a black head covering. The background consists of beige curtains. The coat offers multiple ways of styling.

Doubleface Cashmere X-Cape

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This item is made to order, it will take 4-6 weeks to complete. Contact us if you need the item by a specific date.

This dramatic piece allows for a range of expression. Swaddle yourself in the most luxurious material - undyed double faced woven cashmere - with an innovative design that functions as a scarf, a wrap, a poncho, a vest...

  • 100% Double Faced Woven Cashmere
  • Multiple ways of styling
  • Handmade in house at Atelier Lan Jaenicke, San Francisco