A woman stands wearing a stylish black outfit, featuring a loose-fitting Sumi Top | Black Xiang Yun Silk with gold buttons and large pockets. She also wears a checkered, wide-brimmed hat that shades her face and has her hands in her pockets. The background is a neutral, light-colored fabric highlighting the sustainable design from Xiang Yun Silk.
A person with long, light brown hair wears a wide-brimmed gray hat that shades their face. They are dressed in a Sumi Top | Black Xiang Yun Silk with loose sleeves. The background is out of focus, featuring neutral-colored curtains.

Sumi Top | Black Xiang Yun Silk

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Named after the fluid depth of ink, the Sumi Top achieves complex ranges of black thanks to the unique properties of the heritage Xiang Yun dyeing process. The distinct sheen of the fabric and particular drape are underscored by woven cashmere trim. Gold buttons add pop and luminosity.

  • Made with 100% Xiang Yun Silk, an ancient Chinese silk made in the traditional lengthy process that creates its unique pattern
  • One size
  • Sustainable design
  • Handmade in-house at Atelier Lan Jaenicke, San Francisco 

Styled with Cashmere Ribbon Cloche, reversed