A woman with long auburn hair is standing indoors in a well-lit room with dark surroundings. She is wearing a sleeveless, light-colored Wrap Dress | Japanese Wool Gauze Undyed, featuring black silk trim and button details along the front. She has a calm, composed expression and is gazing into the camera.
A woman stands in a dimly lit space, wearing a sleeveless Wrap Dress | Japanese Wool Gauze Undyed with black silk trim and buttons on the front. Her red hair falls loosely over her shoulders as she gazes to the side. Behind her, curtains and a dark wall are partially visible, embodying an air of sustainable design.
A person with long, light brown hair stands in a room with a brick wall and cream-colored curtains. They are wearing the Wrap Dress | Japanese Wool Gauze Undyed. The lighting is warm and soft, accentuating the serene ambiance inspired by sustainable design.

Wrap Dress | Japanese Wool Gauze Undyed

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In un-dyed Japanese wool gauze, this naturally luminous wrap-dress is defined by black silk trim and pearl buttons running on a diagonal, mimicking a traditional Qipao design. The sleek, low-waist silhouette gives it a relaxed elegance and sophistication.

  • 100% Japanese wool gauze
  • 100% silk habotai lining
  • One size
  • Sustainable design
  • Handmade in-house at Atelier Lan Jaenicke, San Francisco