A person stands against a plain backdrop wearing a Bamford Double-face Cashmere | Undyed oversized blazer and a matching button-up shirt. Their hands are in the pockets, they have dark hair pulled back, and they are looking directly at the camera with a calm expression.
A person with short dark hair is standing against a plain, light-colored background. They are wearing a long, cream-colored Bamford Double-face Cashmere | Undyed coat over a white shirt. One hand is in a pocket of the coat, and they have a composed expression with their gaze directed downward.
A woman with dark hair, styled in a side bun, stands against a plain background. She is wearing the Bamford Double-face Cashmere | Undyed, layered over a sheer white blouse with a buttoned collar and black buttons. Her hands are clasped at her waist, and she has a serious expression.
A woman with a serene expression stands against a plain, light background. Her dark hair is pulled back, and she's wearing a loose, off-white Bamford Double-face Cashmere | Undyed coat over a white blouse. With her eyes closed and hands clasping the versatile coat's lapels, she exudes effortless elegance.
A person with short dark hair stands against a plain light background, adorned in a sheer white blouse with black buttons and an oversized blazer made of Bamford Double-face Cashmere | Undyed. Paired with dark pants and a cream coat with rolled sleeves, their expression is neutral, emphasizing a minimalistic and versatile style.

Bamford Double-face Cashmere | Undyed

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The decadence of double-faced cashmere elevates this oversized blazer-inspired cut to new heights. Wondrously versatile, the Bamford plays both casual or formal roles. Pair with a leather obi-belt for even more elegance.

  • 100% woven double-faced cashmere
  • Unlined
  • Side patch pockets
  • Handmade snap buttons
Garment measures 34” long from back of neck (not including collar)