Person standing indoors in front of a white fireplace, wearing Cashmere Trousers with a drawstring and white shoes. Part of an ornate rug is visible on the wooden floor. Upper body is mostly cropped out of the frame.
A person wearing loose-fitting, high-waisted, straight leg Cashmere Trousers with a drawstring waist stands indoors. The background features a cushioned chair, a wooden chair, and a portion of a fireplace, along with a patterned rug on the floor.
Close-up of a person wearing black Cashmere Trousers with an elastic waistband and a drawstring. Only the lower part of their sweater and their hand are visible. The pants have a side pocket.
Person dressed in a black long-sleeved top and black Cashmere Trousers, standing on a wooden floor. White shoes are visible. A sofa with beige pillows is in the background.
A person stands on a wooden floor wearing loose-fitting Cashmere Trousers with a drawstring waist and white shoes. The straight leg trousers add to their relaxed look. The person is positioned in front of a beige cushion on a light-colored, wooden bench, while their upper body is mostly out of frame.
A person poses against a dark grey backdrop wearing a black long-sleeve top, beige Cashmere Trousers, and ballet shoes. They strike a dynamic pose, balancing on one foot and leaning slightly to the side with one arm bent upward and the other resting on their hip.
A person dressed in a black long-sleeve top and light brown Cashmere Trousers performs a high kick. They stand on their left leg with their right leg extended straight up and their right hand holding their left ankle, against a plain dark background.
A person stands against a dark grey background, posing with one hand near their neck and the other arm relaxed. They are wearing a black long-sleeve top and loose beige, straight leg Cashmere Trousers, and they have their eyes closed.
A woman poses confidently against a dark gray backdrop. She is wearing a black long-sleeved top and tan woven Cashmere Trousers. One hand is in her pocket and she is gazing upward with a thoughtful expression.
A person stands indoors against a white wall, wearing a stylish brown outfit. The ensemble includes a dark brown coat over a green top and Cashmere Trousers. They have dark hair pulled back with a silk ribbon and wear red lipstick. The floor is light wood.
A person with long dark hair tied back is standing against a plain white wall. They are wearing a loose-fitting, light gray button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and Cashmere Trousers in dark brown. The person is facing forward, with a neutral expression.
A person is leaning against a wall, wearing brown Cashmere Trousers and a loose-fitting olive green top with frayed cuffs. The outfit, accentuated by black shoes, features subtle details like silk ribbon trimming. The image cuts off at the torso, focusing on the clothing and lower half of the body.
A person stands against a white wall, wearing high-waisted, straight-leg Cashmere Trousers and black shoes. The trousers have pleats at the waist, and the person is also wearing a dark woven cashmere sweater with frayed cuffs. The floor is wooden.
A person with short, dark hair leans against a light-colored wall, wearing an oversized, buttoned-up, dark green shirt and loose-fitting, high-waisted brown Cashmere Trousers. They have one hand in a pocket and are wearing black shoes. The expression is neutral.
A person wearing loose-fitting, high-waisted, brown Cashmere Trousers paired with a dark green, long-sleeved blouse. The cuffs of the blouse have a ruffled detail accentuated with a silk ribbon. The outfit is complemented by black shoes. The background is a simple, light-colored wall and wooden floor.

Cashmere Trousers

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Elongating straight leg trousers worn high at the waist, with silk ribbon ties and silk lined welt pockets. An effortlessly classy wardrobe perennial.

  • 100% woven cashmere
  • Welt pockets with silk lining
  • Elasticated waistband with Japanese silk grosgrain ribbon