A person is wearing a flowing, handmade cream-colored Papier dress with black ribbon details, featuring a pale cream pleated skirt. Their face is not visible as they stand in front of light-colored curtains. Their right arm is down, showing a ring on one finger. The overall vibe is elegant and modern, embodying craftsmanship from San Francisco.
A person is standing by a curtain, wearing a flowing white Papier dress with black accents. The dress, handmade in San Francisco from natural lambswool and silk blend, has short sleeves tied with black strings, a cinched waist with a black band, and a pale cream pleated skirt. Only the lower face and body are visible.
A person is standing wearing a white Papier dress with a black waistband and black high-heeled shoes. The dress, handmade in San Francisco, has a loose-fitting top made from natural lambswool and silk blend, paired with a pale cream pleated skirt. The setting appears to be indoors with dim lighting and a curtain in the background. The face is not visible in the image.
A person is photographed from the side in a softly lit room. They wear an off-white, loose short-sleeved top and a flowing, pale cream pleated Papier skirt handmade in San Francisco. Black heels complete their outfit. The background features sheer curtains, adding to the soft, elegant ambiance.
A person stands in front of a draped curtain, wearing a textured, loose-fitting white blouse with elbow-length sleeves and a pale cream pleated Papier. The person's left hand is on their hip. The light is dim, creating a soft, moody atmosphere. The Papier is handmade in San Francisco from natural lambswool and silk blend.


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This pale cream pleated skirt of natural lambswool and silk blend will add a ray of light to your wardrobe. Easy to wear and extremely versatile, this wrap skirt is destined for lots of airtime. 


  • Wool silk blend twill 
  • 100% silk habotai lining
  • Japanese elastic grosgrain waist ties
  • zero-waste design
  • size-free
  • handmade in our San Francisco atelier

Styled with Nocturne and Nuage top.