A woman stands in a minimalist room with wooden floors and white walls. She wears a long, flowing olive-green Silk Crepe Wrap Dress | Olive and has her hair pulled back in a low ponytail. She looks over her shoulder, gazing subtly toward the camera with a neutral expression.
A woman in a sleeveless, deep green, flowing Silk Crepe Wrap Dress | Olive poses indoors against a plain white wall with wooden flooring. She holds part of her zero-waste design dress lightly with one hand, creating a dynamic, elegant effect. Her hair is styled back, and she has a serene expression.
A woman wearing a loose, flowing green Silk Crepe Wrap Dress | Olive stands on a wooden floor in a softly lit room with white walls. She is barefoot and gently holding the side of her Silk Crepe Wrap Dress | Olive, looking downwards. The atmosphere is serene and elegant.
A person is standing indoors wearing a Silk Crepe Wrap Dress | Olive. The dress ties at the waist with a ribbon. The background features a plain white wall and wooden flooring. The zero-waste design creates an eco-friendly elegance as the person appears relaxed with their eyes closed.
A woman stands against a plain wall, wearing a sleeveless Silk Crepe Wrap Dress | Olive. She has long, dark hair pulled back and is looking slightly downward. The floor is wooden, and the setting appears minimalist and softly lit, reflecting zero-waste design principles.
A woman with dark hair pulled back is standing against a plain white wall, wearing the Silk Crepe Wrap Dress | Olive. She is facing sideways, and her hands are clasped loosely in front of her. The floor is wooden.
A person with dark hair is seen from the side, walking barefoot on a wooden floor. They are wearing a flowing, sleeveless Silk Crepe Wrap Dress | Olive. The dress moves gracefully with the person's motion, creating dynamic movement against a plain, white background and embodying zero-waste design principles.

Silk Crepe Wrap Dress | Olive

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Our signature Wrap Skirt has blossomed into a full-blown dress, transforming the skirt's ease and versatility into a glamorous, flowing gown. This generous swath of pure silk crepe enhances every step and creates the shimmering impression of movement even when still. Here in a rich olive green.

  • 100% silk crepe 
  • Japanese silk grosgrain straps at waist
  • zero-waste design
  • size-free
  • handmade in our San Francisco atelier

This item is made to order. It will be shipped within 4 - 6 weeks from the order date. Contact us if you need the item by a specific date.