A Cozy Love Story

Betsy and Greg are very dear friends who very recently became engaged. These photos were taken days before Greg proposed, and you can feel the love radiating from them during the shoot. The emotion is almost tangible in the images of this striking couple, out and about in Los Angeles.

Love inspires us all - the joyfulness and tenderness has a halo-effect that illuminates those in proximity. 

Betsy - You always have an effortless chic. What is the source of that? Is inherent cool something you’re born with or does it take some cultivation before it naturally emanates?

B: That’s so funny! I do not think of myself that way at all. I’m pretty lazy with my style, but luckily I have a best friend (Lan) who makes insanely chic everyday pieces :) 

My mom has always leaned more classic, tomboy so I’m not surprised that I dress fairly androgynous. I definitely had my bright color phase, but I generally dress in a very neutral palette - white, black, camel, grey, denim. 

Comfort is my number one priority. I don’t like anything too tight or fitted so my style revolves around feeling like I’m in pajamas. 

Betsy - You are stunning in our a black Stamford long. You also own a few other Lan Jaenicke pieces. What kind of moods do they put you in when wearing them? 

B: I moreso match my Lan Jaenicke to my mood. Every morning, I wrap the Cashmere Belted Cardigan around my pajamas to make espresso and slowly start the day. For everyday, I lean towards the Unisex Cashmere Pants with a tee or one of Lan’s cashmere sweaters

When I’m feeling more feminine, I absolutely love the Parachute Dress and Double Gauze Poppy Dress. The Parachute moves with my every move so it’s hard not to dance and prance when I’m wearing it. The Poppy transports me to a lavender filled garden sipping tea with friends. 

And it’s impossible not to look pulled together throwing on a Lan coat before leaving the house! The Stamford Long is great for every cold day and any activity (I’ve literally worn hiking, horseback riding and fly fishing). The Malvern is the perfect “effortlessly chic” coat and very luxurious.

Greg - I know you consider drumming a craft, and yourself as a craftsman, for which you are always honing your skills. How do you see your metier overlapping with that of a tailor or designer? 

G: I think there are many parallels between being a drummer and being a tailor or designer. First and foremost, in both professions the materials used are of utmost importance. When I’m in the studio, I choose each drum and cymbal carefully in order to create the particular sound I’m going for. The kind of wood or metal a drum is made of matters, the thickness of the cymbals matters—everything has to blend and work together to create a good sound, much like a tailor choosing fabric and taking meticulous measurements to ensure that their garment turns out perfectly. 

Second, one of my favorite parts about playing the drums is that I get to make people feel good with my music. I love to see feet tapping, faces smiling, and even full on dance parties stemming from the music I’m helping create. I think this closely parallels a tailor/designer—and specifically Lan— because they want their customers to feel good when they’re wearing their clothes. When you look good and know that you’re wearing high quality pieces made with the best fabrics, you can’t help but feel good. 

Greg - You look very sharp in our linen Men's Blazer. There is high level of precision needed from the drummer - you’re the time-keeper for the other musicians. How does that precision, that sharpness apply to the rest of your life, including how you dress, your sense of style? 

G: Well first of all thank you so much, that blazer is so cool that it does 99% of the work for me. I think the sharpness necessary in my craft definitely carries over into my personal style. On the instrument, my playing could be described as clean, precise and understated, and that is also how I like to dress when I need to look sharp for a performance or a date night with Betsy.

You both share a pair of our unisex cashmere pants, which is a high level of intimacy. Sharing and physically inhabiting the same elements allows for understanding. How does that act of sharing connect you?

G: I would say that it connects us primarily on a physical level because those pants are so soft that whenever either of us are wearing them we can’t help but cuddle up next to each other on the couch and chat about our day or watch a show together. 

B: I respectfully disagree. The pants have been quite a point of contention in our relationship. Mainly because I (very selfishly) want them all to myself. We have two pairs - one black, one brown - and, to Greg’s disappointment, they both live in my closet.

Having a soulmate allows us to realize our greatest potential. How have each of you inspired the other and helped develop personal growth individually and as a couple?

G: Betsy inspires me so much every single day. Her skill and determination in her work inspires me to be better at my craft. Her commitment to personal health and wellness inspires me to be better to myself and my body. Her passion for non-toxic, sustainable, and ethical products and organizations help me to be better to the world around me. 

She’s my best friend and I’m so lucky to have someone that pushes me to keep getting better in all areas. As a couple I think when each person has this effect on the other, it creates a sort of whirlwind effect and the result is a seemingly limitless sense of potential growth, joy and intimacy. I love being loved by Betsy, and that inspires me to love her the best that I possibly can. 

B: I literally do not know how to follow this. I agree with everything Greg said.

He demands kindness, compassion, love, and support just by being exactly who he is - genuinely the sweetest human alive. I’m incredibly grateful for our relationship, friendship and love. We have a life full of constant laughter, morning walks, dancing in the kitchen, wine (Perliss, of course) by the fire, and lots of shared Lan Jaenicke cashmere :) I love being loved by him. He inspires me to love him the best I possibly can. 

The handsome couple embodies the relaxed, elegant style of Lan Jaenicke, seen here wearing signature pieces with utter chic on the streets of  LA. 

photos by J.M. Polynice