Visit to a Storied Land

Tucked in California’s Sonoma Valley there exists a place where the nature and history rise to meet you. The shady oak trees shimmer in the breeze that is redolent of lavender. In the distance, quilts of grape vines grow under the marigold sun near grazing sheep and cattle. This collection of agricultural moments steeped in reverence makes up Beltane Ranch.

A family-owned regenerative farm, winery, and bed & breakfast, Beltane Ranch is a destination for the senses and soul. Lan recently visited and took two new collection pieces—the Tulip Skirt and the Camellia Dress—for a test drive. These new designs are inspired by spring, so it seemed only fitting to let them flow in the seasonal breeze on this storied property.

Above: Lan explores the Beltane Ranch guesthouse and grounds wearing the new Camellia Dress


In the landscape of Beltane Ranch, a narrative continues. Holding residence on the ancestral lands of the Pomo, Wappo, and Coastal Miwok indigenous peoples, the ranch was part of a land grant from the Mexican Governor of upper California. By the late 1870s, notable California winemaker and viticulturist John Drummond owned the property and planted its first vineyard. In the 1890s, legendary entrepreneur and abolitionist Mary Ellen Pleasant acquired the property and designed and built the ranch house.

Above: A moment of contemplation in the new Tulip Skirt


Over the last century-plus, Beltane Ranch has seen change and growth. After Mary Ellen’s passing, it was taken over by local ranchers before it was purchased by the Behler Family and later the Heins family. The agricultural haven is owned today by fourth and fifth generations of the Wood/Benward/Krause branch of the Heins family, who steward the land and welcome all to experience it firsthand.

Stepping onto this property is a mediation in gratitude. The beauty is visceral. The lifestyle is virtuous and satisfying. And the hard work that goes into caring for this land, which in turn nourishes our bodies and souls, is evident. It is a reminder to give thanks to all that was and to honor all that we have.