Flamingo Estate Arrives at Lan Jaenicke


Growing up, I learned that when you’re looking for answers, you look to nature. I still find healing and solace there.

A fresh, inspiring source of renewal for me is Flamingo Estate, a collection that stimulates all the senses through its range of vibrant comestibles and botanical products for body and home care. With the estate practicing regenerative farming, all of their products are part of a bigger purpose. When I discovered it, I was craving a re-connection to nature and fell in love with the philosophy of “bringing the world back to pleasure" while nurturing the land. I was immediately obsessed, and ordered nearly everything on the site, sharing it with friends and family. I'm now excited to be offering Flamingo Estate's wonderful products at our atelier.



Among the luxuriant goods are the Roma Heirloom Tomato Candle (my favorite), which wafts the fragrance of fresh garden greens. The naturalness of these products is transportive, taking us into a garden setting, rich with wondrous possibilities. Of course bees have a crucial role in the garden, and the antioxidant-rich, 100% raw, unfiltered Biointensive Native Wildflower Honey is a nourishing treat. The Tuscan Rosemary Shampoo evokes spring, travel, and adventure, while restoring life to your hair and scalp - the crown of our being. 



Nestled in the Los Angeles hills, Flamingo Estate is seven acres of transformative terrain: Owner Richard Christiansen turned to cultivating the property when Covid brought the work of his creative agency to a halt. He notes, “When things fall apart, you go back to nature. And so I did—I spent time in the garden thinking about growth and regrowth.”



During Covid, a local farmer at risk of losing her livelihood also approached him to ask if she might sell her produce at his bookstore. Expecting to sell a dozen boxes, they sold 300 the first Friday, and 600 the next. Today, Flamingo Estate comprises a network of 75 farmers and has delivered boxes of local produce to over 150,000 homes across Los Angeles. All of the farms employ regenerative practices or are on their way to doing so, focusing on healthy soil, respect for watersheds, and pesticide-free agriculture.



Flamingo Estate is now lush with 150 varieties of vegetables, herbs, florals, and fruit and nut trees.  Christiansen has channeled its regenerativity into the brand which is also an alternative revenue stream for the farmers. This is the power of nature to renew self and community. As Christiansen, who grew up on his parents’ honey farm in Australia, observes: “Any problem you have, go to nature—the garden is your therapist and your teacher.”

The Flamingo Estate collection is now available at Lan Jaenicke Jackson Square and Sacramento Street.





Photos: Curtesy of Flamingo Estate.