In the Moment

 Above: Lan in Como, Italy wearing the Chiffon Silk Pleated Wrap Skirt in Como Blue.


To fully experience the present moment is the template for true living. When we embody the air around us, we are whole. Perhaps no other pastime helps us understand this as clearly as travel. By seeing the world around us, near and far, we re-establish a commitment to ourselves, to others, and to the present. 


Above: Lan in the Linen Wrap Skirt in Peony, chatting with a friend in Italy.


Our Wrap Skirt embodies this appreciation for the now. Comprised of a size-free, zero-waste design, and created in three pure, wrinkle-resistant fabrics, it pairs well with simple favorites—a leotard, a cotton tee, a cashmere jumper—for a look that is effortless and open to endless personalization. It’s a companion piece for days spent exploring new cities and nights wrapped around cozy dinners.

Above left to right: Lan wearing the Silk Dupion Pleated Wrap Skirt in Venetian; Lan wandering the Italian streets in the Linen Pleated Wrap Skirt in Peony


If there is one message we hope our Wrap Skirt expresses, it is this: All that we have is right now. How we choose to see this is up to each of us. Sometimes, it only takes a simple moment—having gelato with a friend, feeling silk kiss our skin, witnessing an ancient building—to awaken our senses. These beautiful instances invite us to further participate in the gift of the present.





Sounds to Awaken

To help illustrate the breezy feel of our Wrap Skirt and the bliss of travel, our ‘In the Moment’ playlist will help you feel light and grounded—wherever you are. We hope you enjoy. x