Lunar New Year

Falling on the second new moon after winter solstice, this year we celebrate Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, on February 1st.  A moment to honor earthly and celestial new beginnings, in 2022 this lunar holiday also marks the Year of the Tiger, in Chinese culture an astrological symbol of bravery and ambition. At the atelier, as we set our intentions for body, mind, and spirit, I hope to channel the energy of both the moon and tiger, and set out serenely yet boldly into this new year. Here we share elements we hope will help inspire your path as well.



As the moon pulls on the tide, Chinese New Year also draws us closer to our beloveds. It is about togetherness, and even though I can’t be reunited with my parents this year because of the pandemic, I feel we are connected by the ocean. It has now become tradition that we all go to the sea on New Year’s day and touch the water, as if we are giving each other the most energetic hug. The water touches both shores.



When creating pieces at the atelier, we use crystals to weight the fabric and to infuse love and care into each piece we make. I also place them throughout the shop and my home to clear and cleanse energy. I love selenite—white and translucent, it is named for Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. We also love that our clients are drawn to our heart talismans, which are made of moonstone, associated with intuition and new beginnings.



Elevated and graceful, our new winter white collection is the height of elegance. Wrap yourself in a Winston Double-Faced jacket and radiate your own white light.



In 2022, the Chinese calendar is also aligned with the element of water. This element of fluidity and flexibility can be brought into the wardrobe and home through color: in Feng Shui, black, blue, and charcoal are the hues of the tide.



I love pearls for their luminosity and mythology, and I’m excited to debut our new offering: we’ve strung these little moons of the sea with diamonds and gold into magnificent necklaces. More very soon on this new venture! 


I hope you and your families are able to be together in 2022. With enormous gratitude for your friendship and support, I wish you great health, happiness, and prosperity.