L'Invitation au Voyage

Fabulous voyagers! What histories are there behind your deep and distant stare! Show us the treasures of your memories, those jewels and riches made of stars and air.


In Paris, beauty isn’t a secondary matter, addressed only once the pragmatic is considered. It is foregrounded in every aspect of life, in architecture and gardens, in art and the very atmosphere. In the city of light, feeding the soul is as necessary as breathing. This of course extends to style—in the 19th century, Baudelaire recognized fashion as a defining element of the emerging modern city, and iconic symbolist poet Stephane Mallarmé even created a fashion magazine, La Dernière Mode.

As a proper introduction to new friends and old, I'm Alisa Carroll, director of content for the Atelier. In this role, I have the joy of sharing in the discovery of beauty. As I head back to Paris, where I have been fortunate to live, I look forward to drawing a deep breath of air that commingles the ancient and modern, elegance and ease.

The Essentials

There is a tougher, androgynous element to French style that I love—think Emmanuel Alt’s pairings of a sharp blazer or men’s shirting with cigarette pants or jeans. Lan's new Typewriter Cotton Unisex Pant is perfection in a trouser. It is, “the most elegant paper-bag pant”—a piece has both polish and insousiance. The Japanese Typewriter cotton is light, and the silk ribbon drawstring gives them ease. Add the X Blouse for day or racerback Smoke Linen Tank and Waxed Linen Blazer at night for cool glamour. 




For evening, the Long Liquid Silk Dress is also going in my suitcase—in Midnight blue, it has minimalist grace and dark sheen. On a cooler night,  paired with the Raglan Cashmere Sweater, its all about relaxed elegance. For an outing to Hôtel de Crillon, or another of Paris’ grand historic hotels, the handmade, ethereal silk organza Poppy Top has a jewel-like radiance perfect for atmospheric spaces.

"For an outing to Hôtel de Crillon, or another of Paris’ grand historic hotels, the handmade, ethereal silk organza Poppy Top has a jewel-like radiance perfect for atmospheric spaces."



Though sneakers are the unofficial shoe of Paris, I’m also packing Maison Repetto's patent leather Zizi Oxford (a style of shoe that originated in the 19th century) and Rock Sandals, with architectural backstraps that evoke La Tour Eiffel. 



To pack in my Lan Jaenicke carry-on Everything Bag:

The scarf of course remains an elegant staple of French style for both men and women. My favorite is Lan's cloud-like, Tissue Weight Scarf in Gray. To help dispel the mid-flight drearies, Flamingo Estate's Euphoria Pulse Point Oil is a fragrance of Ionian Bergamot, Damask Rose, Pink Peppercorn, and White Sandalwood that is heady and intoxicating, and a perfect nod to Baudelaire, who exalted perfume (and euphoria) in his writing. And of course, for the proper poetic mindset, I'll carry my well-loved copy of his iconic text, Les Fleurs du Mal.

Wishing you a summer of intoxicating journeys...