Renewal: Co-creating with Spring


Like a silkworm shedding its cocoon, we’re all shedding our winter skin and emerging into the light of spring. We see the Sakura cherry blossoms unfurling into effulgent pink and white blooms; we breathe in the fresh fragrance of green landscapes, flush with new growth.



Spring moves us, not just for its display of beauty, but for its resiliency, its power of rebirth. A single flower, after pushing up through rain-saturated soil, stands tall in the harsh spring wind, its delicate petals radiating vibrancy and dignity - a sight that amazes me every time I witness. 

Our Spring Collection embodies this same balance of grace and softness with strength and practicality. For example, the new Cotton Painters Jacket flows in the wind, yet is highly utilitarian.  


 Camellia from Lan’s garden; A sneak peek of the Spring 2023 collection 


I reconnect with my life force in the garden. My spirit is regenerated when I dig the soil, and recently I’ve been finding great joy in discovering biodynamic gardening, in seeding, planting, pruning according to the moon cycles. And to take care of my hands, I’m also working on creating my own calendula salves with flowers from the garden to blend with local beeswax and olive oil.  I will share more on that later.

"I reconnect with my life force in the garden."


Calendula from Lan’s garden awaiting its transformation into salves.


The hues of nature are an eternally beautiful source for creative souls ranging from designers to botanists, and this season I’ve drawn on Nature’s Palette, a new and enhanced edition of the classic Werner's Nomenclature of Colours, a 19th century taxonomy of the colors of nature.

As we revel in the sun after months of rain, I hope you feel moved to grab a trowel and shears and head out to your garden, and find your inspiration and regeneration in the green world. 




Path of herbs,
Carpet of red moss,
Window in the mountains,
Brimming with greenery…
In the midst of the flowers:
Those butterflies that flutter in your dream

 – Qian Qi