Series 19: A Meditation on Fluidity



With this summer of reemergence and reawakening comes our newest collection, Series No. 19.


A meeting place for the soul, Series No. 19 is the result of deep intentionality. A frontier of silks that marry together to create a bridge between our internal creativity and the outside world. This collection speaks of joy, dance, sensuousness, and the irreplaceable presence of the embodied self.



While making Series No. 19, I held its impact paramount. I didn’t create these pieces for the sake of coming out with a collection. I wanted to offer flattering, interchangeable, elegant pieces for every individual to feel beautiful. It is a contribution that extends beyond trends and lasts for decades to come.

The details are the result of deep consideration. To start, we took a zero-waste approach. We make each piece from the entire swath of fabric, sewing it by hand in The Atelier. Nothing is cut or wasted. We leaned into various constructions of silks—silk organza, silk crepe, silk habotai, silk chiffon—and layered them in ways that catch the light to create visual shapes. The different textures speak with each other, opening a conversation between the materials, the light, and the body’s curves. Everything is intentional, from the placement of a hem to the drape of the silk.



This layering also allowed us to create colors that defy definition and mirror nature. Sheer emerald lies atop royal gold. Translucent navy, the color of the ocean at night, falls over sapphire. The fabrics dance to create an unparalleled iridescence. A glow from within.

Steeped into this approach is my mathematical background. I love to play with proportions and to follow the Golden Ratio in my work. Proportionally, everything makes sense. The ratios and angles line up to create harmony within a strikingly personal visual image. In many ways, I feel these pieces can show us parts of ourselves we haven’t seen before. When you put them on, the collaboration continues with you.



I invite you to lean into this collection with joy and freedom. The pieces are separates meant to complement each other—no matter how you choose to wear them. Tops mix with various bottoms. Dresses can be worn as skirts. Wear these pieces in comfort and delight. Mix and mix again.

Beginning with intention and continuing wherever life takes it, Series No. 19 is a meditation on fluidity. It is an invitation to broaden our perspectives and to embrace life’s layers, be it through the iridescence from colliding colors or the whimsical freedom of mixing pieces according to our desires.



Through this collection’s lens, I hope you lean into the beauty of your uniqueness. That you realize a yearning for endless shifts are not measures of being undone but rather beautiful markers of being alive. x Lan