The Series No. 23 Collection Preview


We delightedly welcomed friends to the Atelier on March 30th for a luminous preview of Series No. 23, the Lan Jaenicke Spring 2024 collection. In the early evening light, surrounded by wondrous florals by our brilliant friends Eothen and the music of cellists Andrès Vera and Matthew Linaman, it was an inspiration to gather in beauty with our beloved creative community.

In this Year of the Dragon, our focus is manifesting confidence and optimism through simplicity. Black and white with touches of gold, Series No. 23 embodies powerful, dynamic essences—Yin and Yang, contrast and harmony, geometry and fluidity. Our dear friend, Adji Cissoko, Alonzo Lines Ballet principal dancer, and new friend, Béa Gonzalez, channeled these elements and brought them to lyrical life.


Series No. 23 is particularly special because though we approach every collection at Lan Jaenicke with a reverence for craftsmanship, this offering is predominantly made to order: Each look will be made-to-measure to the wearer, every piece in the collection made at the Atelier. 



We’re also delighted to feature our friend, artist James Buckhouse, in the Series No. 23 collection: the Custom Shuimo Painting Dress features his brushwork printed on satin organza, and was the evening's finale look.




Our gratitude to all who joined us to share in this evening.

Series No. 23 debuts in store this Thursday, April 18th at our Jackson Square Atelier and Sacramento Street boutique. We look forward to welcoming you and tailoring your selections to be exquisitely and powerfully your own. 


Photography by Ivy Rose Carr.