The Inherent Strength and Beauty of Woven Cashmere

The cashmere fibers kiss her skin. Pillowy and smooth, they create a layer of insulation, protecting her from the crisp spring air dancing around her. She is warm. Free. The cotton clouds separate in the sky, allowing for rays of sun to beam down onto her. The temperatures fluctuate, yet she remains comfortable and airy, her cashmere adapting to her needs.



For centuries, cashmere has been a sartorial pillar, lauded for its beauty and ability to keep us warm and cool, protected and clean. Made from the fine downy undercoat of the cashmere goat, the fibers are impeccably soft and resilient. In the early 19th century, artisans in India and other parts of Asia began hand-weaving cashmere into shawls. Their softness and beauty quickly gained a following throughout Europe and the world.

Cashmere evokes a sense of luxury and timelessness. And rightfully so: Unlike other materials that have a coarser feel, cashmere floats on the skin. Yet still, its resiliency and intelligence are often unrecognized. Cashmere is hearty, strong, and incredibly smart. It harnesses a unique natural ability to wick away moisture and keep the growth of microorganisms and bacteria at bay. A true gift of nature, the fibers work overtime to hold air between your body and the outer elements, keeping you balanced and perfectly warm in every season and climate.


We invoke the charisma of this natural material in all manner of our designs. The cashmere we choose is the gold standard of all cashmeres. It originates in Northern China and inner Mongolia where the Capra Hircus cashmere goats develop an extra thick layer of exceptionally soft, delicate fibers on their underbellies for protection from the cold.

Once the fibers are humanely harvested, they are sent to an exclusive laboratory in Japan where they are tested and graded to ensure impeccable purity and quality. The finishing process is a critical part of achieving our exacting specifications. A unique Japanese technique guarantees the material will have the softest hand. After this process, the very best of this cashmere is chosen to be used in the finished garments. Every step is poetic and precise.

Parallel with the exceptional quality of Lan Jaenicke cashmere is its woven construction. Woven cashmere is composed of two groups of yarn interlocked to create an inherently hearty and dense composition. (This differs from knit cashmere, which is made of one yarn looped together, resulting in a finished material that has a natural bit of stretch.) Because the fibers we use are impeccably lightweight, when woven they still "breathe" while keeping you wrapped in ideal warmth. 


Many creators of synthetic fabrics try to mimic the magic of what this brilliant fabric naturally exudes. Woven cashmere is resistant to wrinkles. Repellent to water (you can shake off the droplets if caught in the rain). And because it does not absorb any oils or moisture, it requires none of the laborious cleaning other fabrics do. Upon removal, simply give your woven cashmere garment space to air out and allow any impurities to lift off.

Our finished woven cashmere pieces are strong. They will never pill and will always keep you warm. They will stay with you for decades, begging to be passed down generations upon generations.  As Lan’s mother has told her, once you’ve experienced cashmere, it’s hard to choose anything else. Wearing it is unparalleled.

Pure, natural woven cashmere amplifies you. It protects, strengthens, elevates. It offers an element of quiet beauty and strength. It is your own protective talisman... there for you as you move through the world.