Winter Wonderland

Written by Alisa Carroll

“Little flowers that I have met in the gardens and woods, you have allowed me to make such observations as you granted to sculptors and stained-glass workers during the time of beautiful ornaments.”
– Auguste Rodin



Floral sorceress Katie Chirgotis of Eothen transforms every space she touches, whether she is weaving artful garlands of pale botanicals along mantles or suspending poetic nests of florals and feathers from the rafters. Katie arrived at the Atelier this week to create her first installation for our space, placing Magnolia leaves and fronds of bracken fern, protea and sea-lavender in dialogue with the ribbons, tulle, and cashmere of the collection.



The vision for the installation was a winterscape, to speak to Lan’s new collection of winter white cashmere. "I wanted to work with Katie as I feel her dried flowers perfectly capture a moment," notes Lan. “I wanted to create a magical space—one people can come and visit to feel the beauty and festive spirit of this season."



Lan was also inspired to commission an interior landscape by a recent visit to Florence, where, at the iconic apothecary Santa Maria Novella, she encountered an astonishing floral installation blooming from the ceiling. “The total immersion in florals was so powerful that I felt life’s cycle, that it comes and goes, but to be in the moment is a gift.”

Read more about Katie’s work in “The Gathering” at HENRY magazine


 Katie and team crafted a magnificent garland for the front window; suspended into the silhouette of a hearth, Lan illuminated it with a vintage candelabra.


 Behind the scenes