A person with dark hair is standing in profile, facing left, and adjusting their hair with both hands. They are wearing a black, long-sleeve Cashmere Turtleneck. The background features white, flowing curtains.
Person wearing a black Cashmere Turtleneck and black pants, standing against a light-colored curtain backdrop. One hand is touching the collar of the Cashmere Turtleneck, and a ring is visible on one of the fingers. The face is mostly out of the frame.
A person wearing a black Cashmere Turtleneck and dark pants is standing with their arms crossed in front of a cream-colored curtain. The image is cropped to show only the upper body.
A person wearing a hand washable black Cashmere Turtleneck and black pants is standing in front of light-colored curtains. They have their right arm crossed over their body and are holding their left arm just above the elbow. Their face is not visible.
A person with an upright posture, wearing a long-sleeved black Cashmere Turtleneck and black pants, touches their right shoulder with their left hand. The background features light-colored curtains. The individual is showcasing a ring on their hand washable left hand garment.
A person wearing a black, hand washable, long-sleeve **Cashmere Turtleneck** stands in front of a light-colored curtain. The individual's face is obscured, and they are seen adjusting the collar of the turtleneck with both hands.
A person stands with their back to the camera, facing a light-colored curtain. They are wearing a black long-sleeved Cashmere Turtleneck and have their arms raised, hands gathered at the back of their head as if fixing their hair. The background is softly blurred.

Cashmere Turtleneck

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  • 100% cashmere
  • hand washable