A person is wearing a sleeveless white top with black ribbon shoulder ties and a high-waisted, light purple pleated skirt. Made of typewriter cotton, the Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Amethyst enhances their summer plans vibe. They stand in front of a neutral-colored curtain with their arms slightly back, looking partially to the side.
A woman is wearing a sleeveless white top with black shoulder bows and a long, flowing Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Amethyst. She is standing in a softly lit room with light curtains in the background, capturing a sense of elegance and movement reminiscent of summer plans. Her face is not visible.
A person wearing a sleeveless white top with black ribbon details on the shoulders and a flowing, Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Amethyst with a tied waist ribbon. The image is taken indoors against a dark background, highlighting the elegant and classic outfit perfect for summer plans.
A person swirls in a dress with layers of white and lilac Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Amethyst. The movement creates dynamic folds in the wrap skirt, emphasizing the fluidity of the garment. The scene captures a sense of motion and elegance, perfect for summer plans. Only part of the person is visible, mainly the dress and legs.
A person twirls while wearing a flowing Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Amethyst with white and lavender fabric. The image captures the motion of the skirt, with subtle lighting and an indistinct background. White shoes are also visible.
A person wearing a flowing white dress and white shoes twirls with a light purple fabric. The background is softly lit, emphasizing the motion and grace of the swirling Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Amethyst.
A person stands indoors, adjusting the belt of a Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Amethyst. They are wearing a sleeveless white top and white sneakers. The background features softly draped fabric, hinting at summer plans. The setting is dimly lit.
A person wearing a white top holds out the edges of a flowy light purple wrap skirt, creating a billowing effect. The image is softly lit, highlighting the Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Amethyst's delicate texture and movement. The background is neutral, keeping the focus on the clothing and evoking dreamy summer plans.

Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Amethyst

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Our signature Wrap Skirt, now featured in the marvelously textured Typewriter cotton fabric. As a skirt on its own, or layered over a dress for extra depth and volume, this piece is an essential for your summer plans. In Amethyst - a soft, fresh hue that is almost floral.

  • 100% Japanese typewriter cotton
  • self fabric waist ties
  • zero-waste design
  • size-free
  • handmade in our San Francisco atelier

Also available in Citrine, Olive and Shell.

Styled with Typewriter Thalia Dress | Shell.