A person wearing a sleeveless white dress made of typewriter cotton with a black ribbon at the shoulder twirls gracefully. The full, voluminous Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Shell captures the motion of the twirl perfectly. The background is dimly lit with white curtains.
A person wearing a sleeveless white dress with dark shoulder straps stands in a dimly lit room. The full skirt of the Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Shell flares out slightly as they move, reminiscent of a wrap skirt. The background features light-colored curtains. Their face is not visible.
A person in a flowing Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Shell with gathered details stands on a wooden floor. The skirt billows as they move, and only their legs and one arm are visible. They also wear white shoes. The background is dimly lit with a curtain.
A person wearing a flowing, white Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Shell twirls gracefully, causing the skirt to flare outwards. The movement reveals the person's legs, which are clad in white oxford shoes. The background is dimly lit, emphasizing the elegance of the zero-waste design.
A person wearing a flowing white dress spins gracefully, causing the Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Shell to billow. Their white shoes peek out from beneath the dress, and their upper body is partially visible. The background is dimly lit, highlighting the movement of this zero-waste design piece.
A person wearing a white, loose, ankle-length Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Shell and white shoes. The skirt is billowing slightly, crafted from typewriter cotton. The scene is set against a backdrop of light-colored curtains with a wooden floor underneath. The lighting is soft and muted, enhancing the serene atmosphere.
A person wearing a long, flowing white **Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Shell** with a black ribbon on the shoulder is captured from the back, slightly turned to the side. They appear to be moving gracefully, and the skirt sways around them. The background consists of light-colored curtains.

Typewriter Wrap Skirt | Shell

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Our signature Wrap Skirt, now featured in the marvelously textured Typewriter cotton fabric. As a skirt on its own, or layered over a dress for extra depth and volume, this piece is an essential for your summer plans. In Shell - a most soothing and versatile tone.

  • 100% Japanese typewriter cotton
  • self fabric waist ties
  • zero-waste design
  • size-free
  • handmade in our San Francisco atelier

Also available in Amethyst, Citrine and Olive.

Styled with Typewriter Thalia Dress | Shell.