A person with short, dark hair is gazing off to the side. They are wearing a Winston Long Double-face over a buttoned-up grey shirt. The background is a dark, textured surface.
A woman with short, dark hair stands in front of a dark wooden backdrop, wearing a long, tobacco-colored coat. She is looking at the camera with a neutral expression and has red lipstick. The Winston Long Double-face coat features a relaxed construction with wide lapels.
A woman stands against a dark background wearing a Winston Long Double-face and a green shirt. Her hands are in the coat pockets, and she has red lipstick on. She has a determined expression on her face, and her hair is styled in a side part.
A woman with short dark hair, tied back, gazes sideways with a serious expression. She wears a large, tobacco-colored Winston Long Double-face coat over a grey, textured, collared shirt. The relaxed construction and the dark background add contrast to her light skin and subdued, elegant outfit.
Woman with short brown hair wearing a long, tobacco-colored coat over a green collared shirt. The Winston Long Double-face showcases relaxed construction as she stands against a dark, textured background with her left hand holding the lapel. She looks slightly to the right with a neutral expression.
A person wearing a tobacco-colored, Winston Long Double-face cashmere coat with large, flowing lapels stands against a plain, neutral background. The relaxed construction of the coat allows their hands to be slightly extended. The lighting is soft, creating subtle shadows on the luxurious fabric.
A close-up of a person wearing a sophisticated, light gray Winston Long Double-face. The coat features a unique, asymmetrical design and smooth, refined fabric with a relaxed construction. The background is softly blurred, emphasizing the coat's texture and design details.

Winston Long Double-face

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Our signature Winston coat, now in opulent Double-faced cashmere. This version has also been lengthened to highlight the material and the flowing design. Draped-collar coat with dropped shoulders. The coat's relaxed construction allows for versatile styling. Available in a rich Tobacco color and undyed, cashmere in its pure, luminous form.

Styled with the Painter's Shirt - Japanese Wool Gauze | Olive

  • 100% woven double-faced cashmere
  • Undyed cashmere fibre
  • Unlined
  • Side patch pockets