Wrapture: Cashmere Scarves and Sweaters

Above Image: The new jewel-Red Tissue Weight Cashmere Scarf.

“A scarf has to be the most beautiful thing ever invented to wear! It’s a winding, a continuity, an infinity!” 

An enclosure and a poetic gesture, the scarf is a tradition at Lan Jaenicke. I love to explore the many forms a single swath of fabric can take: free-flowing or tailored, it is an accessory to cross or to wrap, to tie or to drape. Sweaters are also a signature of the collection: the Turtleneck, the Ballerina, the Crewneck—they are staples of enduring style. We're delighted our favorite scarves and sweaters are nestled again on our shelves, and to debut chic and cozy new additions!



The Lan Jaenicke Turtleneck in classic black returns this season. In our signature cashmere, it is a simply perfect piece for pairing with trousers or dressing up for evening. 





The beloved Ballerina sweater, with its elegantly relaxed attitude, is offered in Ivory and Black, as well as a lovely, ink-blue new Navy.





The cozy Raglan crewneck is back in Grey, Ivory, and Black. A classic piece, we love it paired unexpectedly with the Liquid Silk Dress - a very cool, Parisian look. 




We're delighted that our scarves, in all their cashmere warmth, are here for gifting (and wrapping oneself). Our Tissue Weight Cashmere scarf debuts in jewel tones this season, a glorious Red and Purple, and is also in Camel, Ivory, Grey, BlackIndigo, Blue, and Oat


And for luxuriant accessorizing, our divine new Doubleface cashmere pieces: the X Scarf, with porcelain buttons commissioned for Lan Jaenicke, and our Long Scarf, a unisex piece that is dashing on everyone.  



 As we all bundle up for this season of gratitude, family, and friends, we look forward to welcoming you at Sacramento Street and Jackson Square.