Euphoria Body Scrub
Euphoria Body Scrub
Euphoria Body Scrub
Euphoria Body Scrub

Euphoria Body Scrub

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Rough but gentle. This is a contradictory, complex fragrance and feeling. The tingle of wild-harvested Sea Salt, superfine Olive seed powder, oils, and Papaya fruit enzymes, leaves skin awakened and fresh.
Wild-harvested off the coast of Big Sur, our Sea Salt exfoliates, mineralizes, and maintains water balance in the skin. Our pristine Icelandic sea salt results from two natural forces: geothermal energy and the Arctic Ocean. A 260-year-old Icelandic-Danish salt drying method produces a mineral content identical to natural seawater. Organic Bergamot is cultivated from centuries-old groves on the coast of the Ionian Sea, harvested by hand at peak ripeness for maximum fragrance and benefit.
Apply using gentle, circular motions, paying special attention to dry and rough areas like hands and feet. Rinse with warm water. Follow with Euphoria Body Lotion.

Icelandic Sea Salt
Gently exfoliates and balances skin with sea minerals

California Sea Salt 
Sloughs away dullness for smoother skin 

Papaya Fruit Enzymes

Exfoliates and helps brighten skin 

A blend of Shea Butter, Sandalwood Nut Oil, and Sunflower Oil deeply moisturize