Euphoria Pulse Point Oil
Euphoria Pulse Point Oil

Euphoria Pulse Point Oil

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10 ml  .33oz

A bold, essential oil fragrance of Pink Peppercorn, Ionian Bergamot, Damask Rose, and White Sandalwood with energetic warmth. Take this with you to awaken your senses for an instant high.

An energizing, citric scent with a warm peppery bite. Featuring Ionian Bergamot, Damask Rose, Pink Peppercorn, and White Sandalwood.

Apply to pulse points for a jolt of joy and to stir the feeling of being truly alive.

Ionian Bergamot
Helps reduce stress and promote feelings of joy

Damask Rose
Helps uplift spirits and acts as an aphrodisiac

Pink Peppercorn
Helps invigorate the senses and promotes positivity