A person poses against a dark background, wearing a black top and a cream-colored, scarf-like garment draped around the neck and chest in a cross-over fashion. The X Scarf - Double-face Cashmere | Undyed features ceramic buttons as accents. They have short, straight hair and wear red lipstick, looking slightly off to the side.
A person with fair skin and brown hair is wearing a stylish black coat and a cream-colored X Scarf - Double-face Cashmere | Undyed. The scarf, made from double-faced cashmere, is wrapped around the neck and fastened with ceramic buttons. The person has a neutral expression and is gazing to the side. The background is plain and neutral-colored.
A person with long dark hair and red lipstick wears a fashionable black coat made of double-faced cashmere, adorned with ceramic buttons and a large, high-collared white X Scarf - Double-face Cashmere | Undyed buttoned at the side. They look downward with a solemn expression, standing against a dark background.
A woman with dark hair and red lipstick is wearing a stylish ivory X Scarf - Double-face Cashmere | Undyed, accented with ceramic buttons, against a dark background. The scarf is wrapped around her neck and shoulders, creating a sophisticated and elegant look.
Close-up of a garment featuring black and white fabric. The image highlights a ceramic button on a black strap over the white section, contrasting with the black main material. The design suggests attention to detail and fabric interplay, utilizing zero waste design principles. This is the X Scarf - Double-face Cashmere | Undyed.
A person wearing a stylish, asymmetrical white coat with ceramic buttons and an X Scarf - Double-face Cashmere | Undyed stands against a plain wall with a wooden floor. The coat has large front pockets, and the individual has their hands in the pockets, looking down slightly. Their hair is tied back, and they have a calm expression.
A woman with dark hair stands against a neutral background. She is wearing a sleeveless metallic dress paired with a grey, asymmetrical top, cinched at the waist with a black tie. The X Scarf - Double-face Cashmere | Undyed is accented by ceramic buttons. She has a bracelet on her wrist and is looking to the side, partially out of frame.
A woman stands facing partially away from the camera, wearing a sleeveless metallic dress with a gray, asymmetrical wrap top tied with a black belt. Her look is elevated by ceramic buttons adding unique detail. She has dark, wavy hair and is accessorized with an X Scarf - Double-face Cashmere | Undyed and a tattoo on her forearm.

X Scarf - Double-face Cashmere | Undyed

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This innovative piece swaddles you in our most luxurious material - Double-faced cashmere, undyed in a luminous white. A model of simplicity, this single swath has grosgrain ribbon to wrap the fabric around you, either as a scarf or overlapping as a spontaneous vest. Ceramic buttons fixing the ribbons to the cashmere were specially made by local artist Len Carella. An ideal piece for layering.

  • Handmade at Atelier Lan Janicke, San Francisco
  • 100% undyed double-face cashmere
  • Handcraft porcelain and ceramic buttons by San Francisco ceramist Len Carella.  Colors and Sizes will differ from each piece
  • Zero waste design